Write, organize and publish a book with your memories.

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After the trial period, you can use Hivitae for just 7,50 €. Then, you can print a beautiful book from 12,00 €.


Telling your story
has never been easier

With Hivitae, you'll be able to write your memories and organise them in stages. Why not ask your family and friends for help. Once your story is ready, you can order beautifully printed copies.

Write and organize

Write and organise your memories

You can bring your memories to life using text and photos, organising them easily in stages.


Invite your family and friends

We know that the best moments in life are lived with your beloved ones. That's why you can ask your family and friends for help while writing, to avoid losing any single detail of the story.

Print your book

Print your book

Once ready, you can order printed copies. You choose the style, the number of copies and we'll take care of the rest.

Hivitae is for everyone

Hivitae for you

Everyone has something to share, despite of their age. A whole life or just a special chapter. We make it easy for you to share all these memories.

Hivitae as a theraphy

Queremos ayudar a las personas mayores para que no pierdan sus recuerdos y trabajen su memoria. Por eso hemos creado unas terapias especiales para ellos. Además queremos implicar a sus familiares en este objetivo. Conoce nuestro proyecto La Historia de Mis Abuelos.

Hivitae for groups

Would you like to have your own Hivitae for your company, community or group of friends? No problem, we can help, drop us an email at info@hivitae.com.

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